Style Guide

Version: 2.4
Author: Martin Gray and Chris Smith
Last revision: 04/08/2015
Details of last change:


Our brand identity is the primary way in which we communicate Muddy Boots’ guiding philosophy and approach. An essential element of this identity is our Greenlight brand.

Greenlight is a valuable asset to Muddy Boots because, through its unified styling, it demonstrates an integrated suite of products working for our customers at all levels of the supply chain.

This is a guide to the basic elements that make up the Greenlight style across web-based products. Please comply with these style guidelines across all Muddy Boots’ Greenlight products.

Use the left hand menu to navigate around the elements in this styleguide. Where possible each element contains the appropriate snippets of html and css for developers to use. These can all be found on Codepen at

This styleguide is constantly updated.

If you have any questions please contact Martin or Chris at the UK office.